Epitope identification

Not all parts of a protein are potential immunogenic. At EIR sciences we use cutting each immunological bioinformatics methods incorporated into EIR::predTM (details) to identify the regions of a protein that have a high risk of evoking an immune responds in human or animals

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Immunogenicity risk assessment

The EIR::evalTM technology (details) provide relevant immunogenicity predictions which aid the decision process before, during and after clinical testing of novel or existing biopharmaceutical drugs

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DeImmunization of proteins

The EIR::elimTM technology (details) analyze the protein/antibody - finds potential immunogenic areas and suggest specific mutations that minimize the protein immunogenicity profile

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Immunogenicity optimization

Using the epitope prediction technology implemented in the EIR::optiTM  technology (details), the immunogenicity profile of a protein can be customized to meet the need of our costumers

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